Drag Hunting Seminar - April 24 & 25, 2015 (Gainesville, FL)

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MFHA This website was created for educational purposes and to support the strategic plan. The mission of the MFHA is to set and maintain high sporting standards among our membership, encourage foxhunting, approve and register territories on official maps of fox hunting countries, settle disputes in regard to the same, register eligible foxhounds in a Foxhound Stud Book and improve the breed of Foxhounds. 

Introduction to FoxhuntingNew to Foxhunting?

If you are new to foxhunting or just love learning about the history, click to watch a 20-minute introduction to mounted hunting with hounds written by Dennis Foster, narrated by Brian Munn.

Also, take a look at the new Introduction to Foxhunting guidebook and A Kid's Introduction to Foxhunting guide!

Watch the MFHA introduction to foxhunting interview with Horse Talk Live.

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Covertside is a magazine for foxhunters published by the Masters of Foxhounds Association to help strengthen the unity of our foxhunting community. More information

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Hunt RosterThe Masters of Foxhounds 2014 Hunt Roster & Business Directory (flip pages).

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Never before has it been so important for foxhunters to look toward the horizon.

The MFHA Foundation invites you to consider a legacy gift. To learn more about leaving a legacy for foxhunting's future generation - click here

Featured Information

  • Don't miss the Lady Masters Roundtable at the National Sporting Library and Museum on Saturday, May 23rd from 1-3pm.
  • The MFHA is conducting a Drag Hunting Seminar - April 24th - 26th, 2015, hosted by Alexis and Walter Macaulay at Misty Morning Hounds in Gainesville, FL. Guests should plan to arrive Friday April 24th. There will be a party that evening at the Manor House beginning at 6:30pm featuring traditional English fare. Saturday will begin at 7:00am with a drag hunting demonstration at the Misty Morning kennels followed by the seminar (lunch included). The cost of the seminar is $150 pp. Registration through April 17th or until space fills up. Click here for more information and to make your reservation today!
  • Register Today - the next Whipper-in Seminar is scheduled for Saturday, May 23rd from 8am - 12pm in Leesburg, VA. Click here for more information...
  • The Belle Meade Performance Trial Results are in! Click here to see all results.
  • Guidebook Feature - This is the first in our MFHA guidebook feature series. This month we talk about the recently released update to the "Code of Hunting Practices.”

    This guide is aimed at ensuring that everyone who participates in our sport understands that it is their absolute obligation to maintain the highest standards of sportsmanship and good behavior at all times. The "Code of Hunting Practices" is essential to good sportsmanship and to our public image. Every staff member should have it memorized. It is condensed, easy to read and your members should know it. The revised version covers the most important concerns on issues that have an impact on our sport. Click here to purchase your copy today!
  • The spring issue of Covertside has shipped. Click here for the digital version.
  • First Side Saddle Race in the US since the 1930's - April 12, 2015 at Oatlands Plantation. Click for more information.
  • Masters, be sure to nominate juniors who hunted at least five time with your hunt this season for the Fairly Hunted Award. Click here for more information.
  • Guidebook Updates - the MFHA just released four guidebook updates (Code of Hunting Practices, Guidebook & Rules, Guide to Being a Master of Foxhounds and Guidelines for Developing a Plan to Manage Anti-hunting Demonstrations). Click here to purchase your copies today.
  • Looking to get your kids involved in Foxhunting? Click here to learn more...
  • Keep up-to-date on animal rights legislation by visiting our Legislation page
  • Humane Education: Why it is not the right thing to do
  • Not sure of the difference between Animal Rights and Animal Welfare? Click here to view a slideshow compiled by Dennis Foster and narrated by Brian Munn
  • Unwanted Horses Video Introduction - view an introduction video by Brian Munn to the Unwanted Horse presentation by Jeri Dobrowski.
  • Click here for a variety of related links

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