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MFHA This website was created for educational purposes and to support the strategic plan. The mission of the MFHA is to set and maintain high sporting standards among our membership, encourage foxhunting, approve and register territories on official maps of fox hunting countries, settle disputes in regard to the same, register eligible foxhounds in a Foxhound Stud Book and improve the breed of Foxhounds. 

Introduction to FoxhuntingNew to Foxhunting?

If you are new to foxhunting or just love learning about the history, click to watch a 20-minute introduction to mounted hunting with hounds written by Dennis Foster, narrated by Brian Munn.

Also, take a look at the new Introduction to Foxhunting guidebook and A Kid's Introduction to Foxhunting guide!

Watch the MFHA introduction to foxhunting interview with Horse Talk Live.

CovertsideCovertside follow us

Covertside is a magazine for foxhunters published by the Masters of Foxhounds Association to help strengthen the unity of our foxhunting community. More information

Missed the latest issue?...click to order your copy today

Hunt RosterThe Masters of Foxhounds 2014 Hunt Roster & Business Directory (flip pages).

Help Create A Legacy For Future Generations

Never before has it been so important for foxhunters to look toward the horizon.

The MFHA Foundation invites you to consider a legacy gift. To learn more about leaving a legacy for foxhunting's future generation - click here

Featured Information

  • The Hunting Habitat Conservation Award recognizes foxhunting clubs, individuals and organizations that have made a significant and enduring contribution toward the preservation of rural countryside. Award winners will receive a conservation trophy, recognition at the annual Members Meeting and a $5,000 cash award. Entries are due back by October 2, 2015. Click here for guidelines and entry form.
  • Summer is a great time to get the kids involved in foxhunting--here's a little video for you to cross-post and download to use to promote foxhunting to youth.
  • The Summer edition of Covertside has shipped - you should be receiving yours shortly! Click here to read the digital edition.
  • Pre-Order your 2016 MFHA Foxhunting Calendar today! $15 each with free shipping. Calendars will ship in October.
  • Guidebook Feature - The MFHA Guidebook feature for July is the MFHA Guide to Leishmaniasis. This highly informative piece addresses these concerns: What is Leishmaniasis? How does it spread? How can it be prevented and/or managed? An invaluable resource, the MFHA Guide to Leishmaniasis should be in every kennel and may be purchased here.
  • Now Available - Whipper-in Polo Shirts!! These 100% cotton polo shirts feature the NEW whipper-in logo designed by Col Foster and Mary Williams. Multiple color options available. Click here to order yours today.
  • How PETA Targets Your Kids. This should be required reading for all adults.
  • Featuring the new Rhymes Honoring Horses & Hounds (audio CD) donated and narrated by Brian Munn. A wonderful tribute to our sport through classic poems. Click here to purchase your copy today!
  • Keep up-to-date on animal rights legislation by visiting our Legislation page
  • Click here for a variety of related links

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